IVF treatment with Donor Eggs! Is it safe?

You should always remember that your value as a woman will never be defined by whether you can conceive naturally or not. If you comprehend that infertility is not your fault, investigate your feelings and options, be transparent with your partner, take good care of yourself and You will handle the situation more efficiently to get desirable results in your IVF treatment journey.

Generally, IVF with donor eggs is the same IVF treatment, except that the eggs used are from an egg donor. Today’s blog will walk you through the egg donation process to know what to expect if you decide on this journey.

There are numerous reasons why donor eggs may be suggested.

  • Advanced maternal age
  • A high risk of passing on hereditary or genetic conditions
  • Premature menopause
  • Premature ovarian failure
  • Poor egg quality
  • Infertility caused by a medical treatment

Selecting your egg donor is one of the most important decisions to make. First, you should let us know what characteristics you would like your egg donor to have, such as physical appearance, ethnicity, or other preferences. And then search for suitable matches. All these details help give you a good idea of the donor’s type of person to make a confident and informed choice.

Treatment starts with an initial consultation with a fertility expert. Your fertility consultant will talk through your medical history to ensure no existing factors affect treatment outcomes. Patients using donor eggs must have counselling. Our friendly and experienced counsellors will describe all the implications of using an egg donor to conceive you. So, you can make an informed decision.

Our Donation Team will provide you with a choice of egg donors (you can also see their pictures) that match your preferences from our egg donor program. Additionally, you will be given the choice of using fresh or frozen donor eggs.

If you use fresh donor eggs, your donor undergoes ovarian stimulation and egg collection. Meanwhile, you take fertility medications to prepare your uterus for embryo transfer.

A sample of sperm is prepared. Then, donor eggs are fertilized via IVF/ICSI. Our fertility consultants transfer the embryo chosen by our embryologists under ultrasound guidance into your uterus.

The success rate after thawing a frozen embryo is much higher, and in general, when the donor’s cell is used, the success rates are impressive. However, they vary from clinic to clinic.

Egg donors encounter the same risks as women going through conventional IVF. In addition, the fertility drugs taken to stimulate the ovaries come with risks and side effects that the donor must know about.

At Miracle IVF we have years of expertise in creating families through egg donation. With our personalized approach, you will have a dedicated member of our team taking care of you throughout your journey, providing you with needed support. For any assistance do contact Miracle IVF for your extended queries on Donor Eggs.

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