Is adenomyosis the concern?

Adenomyosis is a medical conditions in which the endometrium, the layer of menses which usually needs to grow inside the uterus, gets incorporated into  the myometrium and hence the endometrium and myometrium just because of full of endometrium, will shade more blood

When the cells grow elsewhere, this cyclic thickening and shedding cause significant pain. Other symptoms include:

1. heavy periods

2.  passing large blood clots

3.  bleeding between periods

4.  Painful periods

5. Pain while doing intercourse

6.problems getting pregnant.

7. Abortion chances become high

Adenomyosis is a common diagnosis come across while evaluating patients with adenomyosis. The doctor will take extra care for your uterus before the transfer of the prepared embryos. It may include hormonal treatment to surgical options.

It shall not be a cause of concern for you, as you can contact us anytime @Miracle IVF for further information on Adenomyosis and its implications on infertility.

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