Benefits of fertility yoga

1. REDUCES STRESS: Multiple research studies have shown that yoga helps to modulate your body's stress response making it a natural way to address the anxiety of infertility and help you get happier and healthier.

2.BALANCE HORMONES: When we get stressed our hormones can get out of whack which can wreak havoc on our fertility. Practicing yoga helps us to manage our stress and balance our hormones foe more fertile cycles.

3. STIMULATES BLOODFLOW: Doctors often recommend yoga to increase blood flow in people with poor circulation. When trying to conceive you want to boost blood flow to your reproductive organs. Yoga is perfect for this!

4.REDUCES PERIOD PAIN: Studies show that those practicing yoga have easier, gentier periods! This is good news especially for women struggling with intense period pain.

5.BOOSTS IMMUNE SYSTEM: As yoga helps manage stress it is also helps modulate our body's immune response helping us to be healthier and less susceptible to disease.

6.IMPROVES PREGNANCY OUTCOMES: Some research shows improved outcomes for high-risk pregnancies as blood flow is increased to the fetus and the mother is relax.

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