You can assist your fertility in our centre if you are planning your career, we can freeze your oocytes and later plan a healthy pregnancy whenever you wish to. But prior to that you need to undergo simple blood tests along with a sonography and you will get to know about your egg count and quality.
We have fertility preservation unit where we can cryo preserve your ovarian tissue, sperm sample, eggs, as well as embryos. So that once the treatment is over, you would be ready to bear a child.
Good day 5 blastocyst transfer has got great chances to implant, we need to check with patient’ s lifestyle, if there are any kind of previous diseases like hyper tension, blood sugar, urine / vaginal infections if yes then we need to control it and treat them and later proceed with the suggested IVF treatment.
Yes, in Almaty we have advanced genetic testing procedures like PGT- A, PGT-M, which will give you totally disease-free baby without any gene defects.
At our centre we run oocyte rejuvenation therapy program called ovarian PRP in which platelet rich plasma along with growth factors and nutrients are infused in the ovaries, so that it would work as an autologous stem cell therapy for ovary, which will help produce eggs and save from donor egg program.
Firstly, evaluation of possible cost for thin endometrium is required. Check out for tuberculosis, history of previous abortions or any kind of surgery on uterus. Along with that hysteroscopy is required to find out the cause of thin endometrium. Adhesiolysis along with preparation of uterine lining adaptive towards pregnancy is needed. Also, various techniques like uterine PRP, era test, EMMA test and ALICE test can be performed for successful pregnancy.
Sperm booster medicines can be given. Also, evaluation of sugar and hormonal levels are corrected. Even after the above two ways sperm count is not improved then we can opt for IUI, ICSI, and MACS procedure.
Such condition is termed as unexplained infertility. All normal reports do not indicate that everything is normal. It does mean certain tests are not performed which are capable of giving us the cause of not getting a successful pregnancy. In case of unexplained infertility, micro molecular problems may occur with egg and sperm and hence, art procedure ICSI is required.
The IVF procedure can be prescribed in cases where the other fertility treatments have failed or when there are standard indications like endometriosis, tubal factors, peritoneal factors and male factors.
As women’s age advances, the quantity and quality of egg reduces. Your doctor will do specific hormonal tests and ultrasonography to confirm the same. And will advise you regarding ovarian rejuvenating therapy and donor eggs.
It is always considered good to return to routine activity, but we also recommend them to avoid heavy weight lifting and strenuous exercises for at least next 14 days. Also try to avoid working on the day of embryo transfer.