Infertility Evaluation

Our specialists at Miracle IVF pay special attention to the initial workup for an infertile couple as it allows them to select the right kind of fertility treatment based on the initial reports.

Our counsellors and reception team are working daily to constantly evaluate ways and methods to make the fertility process patient-friendly by decreasing the number of visits and duration of stay that any patient must invest in the fertility treatment at Miracle IVF.

The infertile couple must undergo a set of prescribed tests before the commencement of any treatment. These tests are comprehensive & detailed and are essential to determine the causes of infertility, whether the couples are diagnosed with any other ailment and which technique would be most suitable for a particular couple. These tests are based on the regulations of Republic of Kazakhstan on evaluation of a couple approaching treatment for infertility and planning assisted reproductive procedures.

The female partner must undergo a transvaginal ultrasound to evaluate ovarian reserve & uterus condition, few blood tests, urine tests basically including hormonal evaluation, hemogram, blood sugars, rule out infections X ray, ECG, kidney and liver functions and bleeding factors and Laparoscopy or hysteroscopy in cases where there is an indication of such operation requirement after the initial workup.

Male partner needs to undergo a semen analysis to determine the quality & quantity of their sperm or whether there’s any dysfunctional tinge to them. The mobility and motility are also checked along with few blood tests. Special couples are also requiring karyotyping, and other blood tests as required and prescribed by out panel of specialists.

We at Miracle IVF do offer our clients free consultation with our doctor and evaluate them. this free consultation includes a free transvaginal ultrasound and a spermogram/semen analysis.