IUI Fail

Simply means directing sperms at right place at right time which means injecting sperms into the fallopian tube of the uterus to fertilize the ovum(female egg).

Its an office procedure which requires just few minutes, less expensive, less invasive ,with no need for anaesthesia, and is done based on timing of ovulation confirmed with ultrasonography of female patient.

IUI Recommended in whom:
  Have ovulation problems and are undergoing ovulation induction, especially when timed intercourse has not succeeded
  Are unable to have appropriately timed intercourse due to travel problems or in cases of sexual dysfunction
  Erectile dysfunction
  Have mild male factor infertility
  Have unexplained infertility
  Female partners of azoospermic male partners requiring donor sperm or discordant HIV couples.
  Single mothers wanting to conceive.

Who should avoid IUI??
  Patients who is high risk for ovulation hyperstimulations as multiple pregnancies(twins/triplets) can be an unwanted risk as it depends on number of ovulating follicles.
  Blocked fallopian tubes.
  More than 5-6 iui cycles failed.
  Poor ovarian reserve at any age.
  Advanced maternal age of more than 40years or more.
  Severe grade3-4 endometriosis
  Male infertility which includes very less sperms counts of less than 1-5millions sperms per millilitre or even in whom there is no sperm counts in semen recently analysed
  In above conditions considering the factors for why iui is avoided, patients always can have an option with :
  Undergoing diagnostic laproscopy and hysterocopy
  HSG or 3d sonosalpingography
  Ovarian rejunivation therapies with PRP or oral medications to improve egg quality.
  IVF(invitro fertilization) or Icsi (intracytoplasmic sperm insemination)